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  • Time: 2020-11-09 18:15:13
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Beijing, China, Sept. 17th, 2020Gan & Lee Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals, 603087.SH) has obtained the registration certificate for insulin glargine injection issued by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is another landmark milestone in the continuation of increasing globalization of the company. The approval of the drug registration allows Insulin Glargine (Basalin®) of Gan & Lee to be marketed in Kazakhstan where the incidence of diabetes in adults (20-75 years) is 6.2% (IDF 2019).

Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals has been globalizing its business for more than 15 years and is continuing to expand the opportunity for the medical community to have access to its antidiabetic portfolio, including insulin injection of glargine, lispro, aspart as well as an insulin pen injector and needles globally. Gan & Lee is dedicated to provide treatment options to patients world-wide.

About Gan & Lee

Gan & Lee successfully developed the first Chinese domestic biosynthetic human insulin. At present, the company has four recombinant insulin analogs commercialized in China including long-acting glargine (Basalin®), fast-acting lispro (Prandilin®), a mixed protamine zinc lispro injection (25R) (Prandilin®25) and a fast-acting aspart, as well as a prefilled injection pen (disposable) and an insulin injection pen (reusable).

In the future, Gan & Lee strives to achieve comprehensive coverage in the field of diabetes diagnosis and treatment. Moving forward to advance Gan & Lee’s goal of becoming a world-class pharmaceutical company, we will also take an active part in investigating new chemical entities and biologics to treat cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases, cancer, and diseases in other therapeutic areas.

According to the “Drug Administration Law” and other relevant laws and regulations, prescription drugs can only be purchased and used with the prescription of a licensed physician. The information disclosed in this press release for the purpose of stating facts involves general scientific information, which is for medical professional reference only and does not make any purchase or use recommendations.